Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square, has just said that Bitcoin has the power to unify a deeply divided world.

While he didn’t exactly mention how he’s been amplifying Bitcoin’s fame to everyone a lot for a long time, today’s tweet comes after a blocked bill that would allow the US government to involve deeply in the cryptocurrency space.

Bitcoin Can Unify the Divided World!

Bitcoin, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, had a roller coaster ride this year. After reaching its peak valuation of over $65,000, Bitcoin came down to under $28,000 and now stood back up at around $45,000.

While this is common in the cryptocurrency space, people still believe in Bitcoin for various reasons. One among them is for transactions, hoping it’s partly anonymous and decentralized. But, governments and businesses aren’t adopting this soon, considering its highly volatile nature.

And this could be one of the reasons that caused the US Senate panel to block the amendment to the Senate’s infrastructure package, which would have led the government to involve deeply in the cryptocurrency space.

Soon after this blocking news on Monday afternoon, Jack Dorsey tweeted
“# Bitcoin will unite a deeply divided country. (and eventually: world).”

While he didn’t specify which country it is or how to consider his recent interests on the bill, he’s probably talking about the US. Well, he’s been a pro bitcoiner for a long time and advocating for its services for the economy for years.

In 2018, Jack even said that Bitcoin could be the world’s single currency within the next 10 years and even opened a dedicated Bitcoin business unit for Square called TBD.

It’s no wonder if we see Jack set’s up a system to buy ads on Twitter with Bitcoin and collaborate with other coin projects.


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