Confirming a long-standing rumor, Elon Musk said Twitter’s character limit for tweets would be increased!

While he didn’t specifically mention how much the new limit would be, it’s assumed to be around 4,000 words. This would eliminate the need for users to post an essay in broken tweets but in a whole form block at once.

Twitter’s New Character Limit

One major reason that makes Twitter stand out from all other social media platforms is the low character limit. Since its inception, Twitter has only changed the character limit once! (from the original 140 to 280 in 2017).

This may seem like restricting user freedom, but that’s what Twitter wanted – posting only the necessary content. While this brought the platform exclusivity, it’s now seriously not enticing the users.

People who want to post long-form texts are either forced to break them down in connected tweets or note them down in an external notepad and share the screenshot!

Since this turns out to be a hassle, Twitter is planning to further increase the character limit. While there’s no official announcement from the platform yet, the new boss Elon Musk confirmed in a reply tweet that he’s planning to increase the tweet’s character limit.

While he didn’t mention any specific character limit size, it’s touted to be around 4,000! If this is true, it may place Twitter alongside the other regular social media platforms, with not much exclusivity.

Anyhow, if this is what the community wants, Twitter has to listen and act accordingly. And Elon Musk is ready to make sweeping changes as his community desires.


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