After a long wait, Twitter finally confirmed that it’s working on an edit tweet button, and plans to test it in the coming months.

The platform said it’s been working on this support since last year and will be rolling out to Twitter Blue users soon. Also, Twitter confirmed that adding this edit tweet option is not a result of Musk’s recent poll, asking his followers whether they want an edit button or not.

An Edit Tweet Button for Twitter Blue Users

To date, Twitter’s got most of the features required for voicing their thoughts. But, it’s missing an important one for ages, and that’s the edit button for a live tweet. This has been the most requested feature by the community for quite a time, but Jack Dorsey, former Twitter CEO said they would “probably never” add one.

Yet, it’s making one now! Twitter Communications today confirmed that it’s been working on an edit button since last year, and is ready to test with Twitter Blue users soon. Without explaining much of this new addition, Twitter said it will be rolling out all in a few months.

This comes after Elon Musk, who bought a 9.2% stake in Twitter and eventually joined the company’s board, asked the community whether they wanted an edit tweet button or not. But Twitter reiterated that it’s not rolling out this feature as a result of Musk’s poll.

Well, the company has already teased the community on April 1st, that it’s working on an edit button. And everyone thought it was fake since posted on Fools day. But it’s coming anyway. Although, we hope Twitter is considering the serious consequences of having an edit button.

I mean, what could happen if a tweet goes viral through retweets and shares, and is later edited for something else? The possibility of growing misinformation is high with this new option, and Twitter should hopefully make proper arrangements concerning it.


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