Twitter is testing a new Explore UI in India, where it’s following the TikTok style scrolling of tweets. Eligible users can see this new UI in updated Android and iOS clients.

The new Explore UI comprises of only two categories – For You and Trending, being more clear than before as it removed all other categories. A video showing the new Explore UI has video tweets scrolling up in a TikTok-like feed.

Twitter’s Explore UI

Social media platforms often experiment with various sections of their platform. This is to keep up with the community’s interests and match with market trends. In this regard, Twitter India is seen testing the Explore section of its Android and iOS versions, with something like TikTok’s home feed.

The scroll-up style of consuming tidbits of data is the new form of serving information, started by the Chinese short-video platform TikTok earlier. This was soon picked by Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc, and now by Twitter.

As the company tweeted, it’s testing a scroll-up feed of new tweets in its Explore UI, for select users in India. The new design of Explore UI is cleaner and simple, with just two categories – For You and Trending, and a search bar at the top. You shall see new video tweets from your circle showing up, swipe-able up for more.

You can visit the Trending section to see the old UI of showing what’s trending around in a list manner. While it’s still in testing when Twitter will let others test this is unknown as of now. The platform has recently announced a Labs feature, that will let Twitter Blue subscribers check new features earlier than others.

Besides this, Twitter is also working on features like a downvote button, support for sharing longer videos, pinned conversations, and a new ad format.


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