To let users find desired chats immediately, Twitter rolled out a new feature for its direct messages section – Pin Conversations.

This will let Android, iOS, and even web users pin upto six DM conversations. As it’s helpful, Twitter initially limited this feature only to Blue subscribers, a paid service. However, pin Conversations is now available to all general users for trying.

Pin Conversations in Twitter

Like any other social media platform, Twitter offers a chat option that’s basic to do the job. But as every other rival platform is picking up in developing direct messaging too, Twitter is still far behind in this league. For example, the platform doesn’t have dedicated chat features, like Instagram or Facebook.

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Yet, it’s trying somehow. For example, we now see Twitter rolling out a new feature that can make important chats in DMs accessible better. And it’s through Pin Conversations support. This feature is available previously limited only to Twitter Blue users, a paid subscription worth $2.99 a month, and lets users upload NFT profile pictures and longer videos.

Twitter Users Can Now Pin Conversations in DMs

But now, this is made available to all free users on Android, iOS, and even on the web. So if you’re using a mobile client, slide into DMs and swipe right on a conversation to see the option to pin it. This puts that specific chat on top of others. And on the web, you can find this option in the three-dot menu of relevant conversations.

To date, Twitter organizes DM chats based on their recent activity. So the highly recent chats are shown up, with the last ones at the bottom, making it difficult for finding some important chats suddenly. Well, with this new support now, you can pin upto six chats to top in the DMs for quick access.


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