In an effort to reduce misinformation and disinformation in Ukraine, Twitter announced suspending the ads in that area now.

Also, the recommendations of tweets from other people too will be halted for an unspecified time. Twitter hopes to serve the public in Ukraine with needed information, rather than ads in these spaces. Also, it’s turning the Moments and Events section too, to be helpful.

Twitter Suspending Ads in Ukraine

To help affected Ukraine in whatever ways they can, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have already come up with a few solutions. These include Facebook setting up a Special Operations Center and advising users to lock up their profiles.

And Twitter on the other hand suggested several tips for the users to remain safe, and how to safeguard their accounts. Now, it showed up again with a new plan – suspending ads and Recommendations in Ukraine for a while.

This is to curb the spread of misinformation and disinformation in those affected areas, and rather help people with important information that’s needed. As Twitter may not check all the ads publishers may serve, it’s harmful to let violent ads spread on the platform.

Also, the recommendations of tweets from those people who’re not being followed are also suspended to “reduce the spread of abusive content.” Yet, the platform says misinformation and disinformation may continue to flow in, irrespective of how effective their protections could be.

Twitter is also directing users to Moments and Events, which contains curated information from its editorial team on contexts about what’s happening in Ukraine. Talking about the ongoing situation, Twitter said;

“We’re actively monitoring for risks associated with the conflict in Ukraine, including identifying and disrupting attempts to amplify false and misleading information.”


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