While we’re still craving an edit option, Twitter is working on a new “Tweet Storm” feature that lets users post a series of tweets at once.

This is especially helpful for those who often run out of tweets or have something to convey in a paragraph manner. This feature is seen by a leaker, who shared a screenshot of how it looks like.

Twitter Tweet Storm

The reason why Twitter stands apart from other social media platforms is its purpose – sharing only short information like updates, thus tweets. While this is the core part of its service, there are moments when a person or an entity needs to convey a lot. And it’s not easy after all.

They tend to go with an image having all the say written in it or a link to external sites. Weather updates or live scores are examples of these, which tell a bit and redirect their followers to external sites. But to help them all, Twitter is preparing a new feature called Twitter Storm.

This feature is seen by a prominent leaker, Jane Manchung Wong, who previously shared unreleased features of various online platforms. She shared a screenshot showcasing the feature. A user will be allowed to send a bulk number of related tweets – all at once with numbering tags in brackets to determine the order.

This helps reply to someone with a range of sources and lengthening the conversation. Though the community doesn’t ask for this feature, it’s still wanted by everyone. So, while we still wait for the edit button, tell us what you feel about this feature, which may or may not make it to the future versions of Twitter.


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