Squashing the speculations of monetizing the whole platform’s access, Twitter has announced today a bunch of features coming later this year. These are Twitter communities for forming groups, Super Follows for supporting others and getting exclusive content, and Safety Mode to thwart the hate and abuses happening on the platform.

Twitter New Plans For Earning Income

We’ve heard rumors that Twitter may set a subscription mode to let users access its platform for more income, but the microblogging platform has more ways to do so besides just the ad revenue. These are as follows;

Super Follows

This is a special subscription model to support individual accounts. Content creators or influencers can set a paywall to their account to earn income (or say get monetary support from their core followers), and share exclusive content with them. Twitter may take a small cut in this to suffice itself.

Paid users get a badge to boast themselves as a special follower, and it’s the followed account’s choice to share content exclusively with their badged users or to everyone.

Twitter Communities

These are just the group chats coming to Twitter after a long time. Users can create groups or join in others’ of their personal interest. They can share tweets or other information exclusively among the group members. And since they’re in a group, the group’s admin can set rules and moderate the content prevailing in it.

Safety Mode

And since Twitter makes plans to gain more user engagement, it should also unleash tools for moderating the content. Thus, it has set a new Safety Mode to control the policy-violating followers with a ban or limiting the reach into the platform. Twitter wrote this mode will “automatically block accounts that appear to break the Twitter Rules and mute accounts that might be using insults, name-calling, strong language, or hateful remarks.”


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