The war situation between Ukraine and Russia doesn’t seem to settle anytime soon. As Ukraine is trying to defend with everything it can, it falls short of cyber experts to defend its infrastructure.

So, the Ukrainian government is now calling talented hackers to serve the country, in both defensive and offensive means. A notice with a Google form is being circulated online for interested people to join the cyber-army, and help the needy nation with whatever they could.

Ukranian Cyber Hacking Needs

Just as we expected, Russia started invading Ukraine through cyberattacks initially. Many of the government websites belonging to Ukraine were attacked since early this month and have been continuing too. And Ukraine has publicly tagged Russia as the culprit!

As the fear of such attacks may hit critical infrastructure one day, Ukraine is seen seeking help from eligible hackers to support it in this cause. As noted by The Reuters, notices attested by the Ukrainian government are being circulated in online forums, calling for hackers to help.

This is confirmed by Yegor Aushev, the co-founder of Cyber Unit Technologies and better known for promoting ethical hacking in Ukrainian circles, who said he was asked to write the call notice on request from a senior Defense Ministry official. He started this as;

“Ukrainian cybercommunity! It’s time to get involved in the cyber defense of our country.”

The notice also contains a Google document listing all the required skills of interested volunteers. Once selected, they’ll be divided into defensive and offensive teams, as per their talents.

The defensive volunteers will focus on protecting the critical infrastructure like the energy and water utilities, while the offensive counterparts will be aiding the Ukrainian military with cyberespionage and monitoring invading forces.

Ukraine has already started giving arms to patriot citizens, who’re interested in defending themselves and counter-invading troops. All they need is a valid Ukrainian passport and a promise to fulfill this motion.


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