After calling nations and global tech companies for help, Ukraine is now turning to anyone around the world to help them with their cyber tasks.

This is asking talented hackers to breach Russian banks, businesses, and government entities through any vectors they know. And even the non-talented people can support too by doing petty jobs like reporting Russian YouTube channels if they’re spreading misinformation about Ukraine’s situation.

Calling Worldwide Hackers For Help

As Ukraine tries to affect Russia in all the ways possible, it seems to be very much flexible in terms of cyberwar. We’ve already seen the Ukranian government calling eligible hackers to support the nation’s cause, by performing both defensive and offensive security actions.

And now, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine is asking everyone for help, for fulfilling even their petty cyber tasks. As per him, Ukraine has set up a new IT Army, where everyone is invited to support the government’s efforts of defending and attacking Russia.

Anyone with digital talents can join the telegram group he posted, where the volunteers will be able to complete “operational tasks.” Tasks are initially set up for professional hackers, who can go through any vector to hit critical infrastructure of Russia, like the banks, businesses, or government entities.

Ukraine has listed websites of about 31 Russian entities, which include energy giants like Gazprom, Lukoil, and internet company Yandex. In the financial sector, Ukraine lists Sberbank, VTB, and Gazprombank. Finally, in the government sector, the Kremlin and the Ministry of Defense are listed as targets.

Cyberattacks as DDoS or any other means are fine. And for noobs, Ukraine said reporting the YouTube channels of Russian outlets that spread misinformation about Ukraine’s situation in war is asked. Being helpful in some way is what is expected by the Ukrainian government, in this war situation.


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