Are Microsoft 365, Office 2021, or Office 2019 not working properly on your Windows 11? If you want to uninstall Microsoft 365 from your computer, we have the best way to do that. To uninstall Microsoft Office from a computer, you must first unlicensed it.

Let’s suppose you are using Microsoft 365 and now you want to use Office 2021 or Office 2019. In this case, your previous license may conflict with your new one. Or, you may want to reinstall Microsoft Office to fix some issues that are causing problems while using it.

Whatever may be the reason below we have mentioned some of the best methods which will guide you to uninstall Microsoft 365 or Office 2021, 2019 on Windows 10/11. Before any further delay let’s start learning how you can uninstall Office from Windows 10/11.

Uninstall Office from Windows 10/11 using Settings

The best and easiest way to uninstall any software including Microsoft Office is from the Settings app in Windows 10/11. We have provided you with the steps for Windows 11, but these steps can be used on Windows 10 as well.

  1. Press Windows Button on your keyboard and click on Settings. You can also search for Settings on the Windows search bar.Press windows icon and Click on Settings app
  2. Click on Apps > Installed apps.Click on Apps then select installed apps
  3. Type Office in the App search bar.Type Office in the App search bar
  4. Click on the Three-dot on the right side of the Microsoft app and click on uninstall on uninstall option
  5. Click Uninstall again to confirm.Click Uninstall again to confirm.

Uninstall Office using Microsoft SaRA Tool

SaRA is a tool from Microsoft that helps guide Microsoft users with problems they face in Windows. So let’s get started with how you can use this SaRA tool to uninstall Microsoft Office.

  1. Firstly, Download Microsoft SaRA Tool and then click on it.
  2. Click on the Install button.Click on install button - sara tool
  3. After clicking the Install button, the tool will automatically download the required applications to run.tool will download the required applications to run
  4. Once downloaded it will show you the privacy statement, you just click on the I agree on the I agree button
  5. Select the Office & Office Apps option to permanently remove Microsoft Office and click on the Next button.Select the Office Office Apps option and click on the Next button
  6. Select the issue you are facing while using Microsoft Office and click Next. Select the issue and click Next
  7. If you want to permanently remove Microsoft Office, select Yes and click on the Next button.
  8. Select the version of your Microsoft Office you want to uninstall.Select the version of your Office you want to uninstall
  9. To confirm, select I have saved all my work, close open Office applications, and stopped any other setup program. Click on Next.Select the option to confirm
  10. Click on the Restart button to complete the uninstallation process.Click on the Restart button to complete the uninstallation process

Microsoft Office will be permanently removed from your computer after restarting. Now you can reinstall Microsoft 365, Office 2021, or 2019 if you want.


Both these methods are fully working in Windows 10/11. You can use these methods without facing any problems. If you face any problems then let us know in the comment section, and we will solve your problem as soon as possible. If you have a license for Microsoft 365 or Office 2021 and 2019, you can reinstall it without any problems.


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