Universal Android Debloater, the shell script that can remove bloatware of any Android phone, received even more nee features in version 0.5.

Released by an XDA Member, the v5 of Universal Android Debloater contains minor UI changes, new features, and a huge change in debloat list. These include options like Unselect all, Reboot, etc for more flexibility. Here’s more;

Universal Android Debloater New Update

Ever vexed by your Android smartphone’s bloatware? And tried to remove the unnecessary stuff with one click? Rejoice since your needs can be fulfilled by a community-crafted shell script called Universal Android Debloater, which can remove bloatware of any Android OEM easily.

The script has been updated to v4 in February this year, and now received v5.0 from an XDA Member – w1nst0n_fr. Using the community-maintained OEM and carrier-specific bloatware lists, the UAB wipes out any current Android bloatware seamlessly. But, it has few catches.

Though it’s good to wipe out the unnecessary stuff with a single click, it’s important not to delete all the packages. So, the v5 provides you with more options to manage what has to be removed. Below are changes and new additions w1nst0n_fr brought in Universal Android Debloater v5;

  • Apps:
    • Added com.tblenovo.lenovotips to the recommended list.
    • Move Google keyboard to Advanced list (Default keyboards should not be in the Recommended list)
    • Move com.android.htmlviewer to the Expert list. Removing it bootloop the device on MIUI 12.5.4+.
  • Debloat list update:
    • Added a bunch of new packages
    • A lot of description updates and fixes
    • Big revision of the recommendations according to more consistent criteria
  • Added:
    • Unselect all button: Let’s you unselect all the packages you see on screen (i.e in the current filtered list).
    • Reboot button: Let’s quickly reboot the currently selected device.
    • Remote uad_lists.json download: The debloat list is now directly fetched from the main branch of this repo when you launch UAD. This means there is no longer the need to release a new version of UAD for updating the debloat lists!
    • UAD self-update: UAD will now check at launch if there is a new version of itself and enable you to perform the update directly from the app!
  • Changed:
    • UAD now tries every 500ms (for 1min) to initiate an ADB connection until a device is found during FindingPhonesthe loading state.
    • All the init process was reworked and a status message is displayed at each stage (DownloadingList, FindingPhones,LoadingPackages,UpdatingUad Ready) so you know what is happening.
    • Minor UI changes
  • Packaging:
    • Add a no-self-update build for MacOS and Linux. Useful if UAD is distributed into repositories. The update process will then be managed by a package manager.
    • MacOS builds are now also being released as a compressed tarball (like for Linux). You won’t need to manually add the executable permission anymore.

Alongside these, the v5 has several minor UI changes too. This might make the process more easier and effective. So if you’re interested in wiping out your phone’s bloatware, here’s an XDA guide on how to do it with Universal Android Debloater’s script.


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