Just before the Christmas eve, surveillance cameras in one of Thailand’s prison got hacked and has streamed the general activities of prisoners for hours until a reporter noticed and informed to authorities.

Someone And Somehow

A hacker, who’s expected to be outside from Thailand has compromised the surveillance cameras of Lang Suan Prison at Chumphon, a Southern province of Thailand. Somehow, the alleged ones have hacked the general activity surveillance cameras of prison’s office, prisoners cafeteria and other areas and streamed the content live through a YouTube channel!

Unknown Hacker Compromises Thailand Prison's Security Cameras And Streams Them On YouTube
Image by PixaBay

It’s still unknown how the attacker got control over the channel and on cameras, but he streamed hours of activities on Big Brother’s Gaze. Maybe, the hacker just got lucky in compromising it, and that could be the reason why he mistook the footage’s location.

The Channel Big Brother’s Gaze, though having more than 2K followers, is not having any content in it now. Probably, the owner could’ve deleted all of it. But the description of the channel read,

“Dear friends! I want to apologize to those who may have been offended by my broadcasts. In fact, there was no break-in. All cameras are in the public domain. P.S. I want to disappoint you, such content is unlikely to appear again on the channel. P. S. S. when installing video surveillance changes the standard passwords :)” which is also the word of owner.

The stream was noticed by a reporter and informed the authorities immediately. After which, the Narat Sawettanan, Director-General of Thailand’s Department of Corrections ordered to turn off the cameras and investigate the issue. The video from the channel was taken down immediately.

Issues as such are going uncommon these days. More and more companies, individuals, governments are being hacked every day. As everyone waits for a cure, it’s better to prevent even before happening. FBI issued how to protect from any such general Cyber threats. Following them could be useful at least to an extent.


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