We never hesitate to invest handsome money in a mobile that captures excellent photos and selfies. So why do we compromise the quality of photos when uploading on WhatsApp status or other social media? WhatsApp status is a significant way to express ourselves to all saved contacts for 24 hours. Thus, we don’t want to spoil it with poor quality.

Now and then, WhatsApp users face low-quality image uploads to the status even though the original image looks decent. No wonder it is a kind of irritation we should look at. To get rid of this frustration, follow our detailed instructions and guidance on how to upload high-quality photos to WhatsApp status.

How to Upload High-Quality Photos on WhatsApp Status

Before jumping into the steps, it is always better to know the root cause of this problem. However, when we click a photo on our phone, it takes 2-6 MB varies from phone to phone and camera to camera. But approx this much, no doubt.

WhatsApp has an inbuilt compression tool, so the file size is instantly reduced by 30- 60%. If I count the size roughly, it would be 200 KB from 2 to 6 MBs directly. So you can assume the quality of the final photos.

But don’t worry. We have some proven methods to upload HD photos on WhatsApp status. So without further ado, let’s dive deep into the ocean of WhatsApp status.

1. Compress the Size of the Image Manually

As we stated before, WhatsApp has an aggressive compressor tool, which is good for reducing file size. But it doesn’t take care of the quality. Thus, manual compression is the way you can trust.

There are several compression tools available online. You can try one of them. Even you can use any Android or iOS app. Here we are using Tinypng, one of the best image compressor tools.

  1. Visit TinyPng, and upload your photos on its dashboard. However, TinyPng allows us to upload only png, jpg, jpeg, and webp formats. If you have a different format, you can try out another compression.
  2. That’s it. You have to upload the file. The tool compresses its size automatically. Now you can download your photos. Click on the download button.
  3. Now share the photo on the WhatsApp status and check if it is still blurred or fine for your contacts.

2. Try to Crop the Image

Yes, it works. Possibly, your photo looks more attractive when you crop the photo a bit. Just cut off the unnecessary object from the photo using the WhatsApp cropping tool.

And upload it to your status. You can see that the cropped image looks good. You can consider another method we shared in the post if you don’t want to remove any object from the photo.

3. Send the Image to Other First

Here is another handful of methods you can try if you think the first method is difficult.

  1. Visit WhatsApp web on your PC. And Connect your WhatsApp with the PC.
  2. To connect, click on the three-dot, and click on the linked device.
  3. Now click on the Link a Device. Complete the scanning process.
  4. When your WhatsApp web is ready, send the image to someone else. Even you can send the image to yourself.
  5. Now press on the image, and forward it to your status.

Now, take a look at your status. It won’t be the same as blurred and low-quality.

Final Words

Here’s how you can upload high-quality photos to WhatsApp Status. I have tried this method personally, and it helps me. It will work for you as well. If you face any problems, let us know in the comment section.


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