Recently, another company was under attack by ransomware. This time it was the US-based B2B online billing and payment service Billtrust. Following this, the services were down. Due to which the news of the attack came out.

Billtrust didn’t disclose the news

Following the attack, Billtrust didn’t disclose the news or anything regarding it. It was one of their customers, ‘The Wittichen Supply Company,’ who made the new public. Wittichen received a mail from Billtrust stating their service is under malware attack. Billtrust came out on Friday and revealed that their services are down due to a malware attack. Wittichen has assured it’s customers that no loss of data took place.

US-Based B2B Payment Service Billtrust was Under a Ransomware Attack
Image Source – Pixbay

Billtrust has started investigating the matter since the attack. They have also involved the law enforcement authorities and cybersecurity services. On the other hand, Billtrust made robust efforts and brought many services online the same day. This includes Billtrust Credit and Billtrust eCommerce. Later on, they were able to resume other services in a couple of days.

A Possible BitPaymer Attack

Neither Billtrust or Wittichen has disclosed any information about the malware. But a report from BleepingComputer, reveals that a top-level official said that the attack could be a BitPaymer ransomware attack.

BitPaymer was in the news a few weeks ago when researchers revealed that malware was exploiting a zero-day in Apple iTunes. It seems like Billtrust won’t be releasing any information about the attack anytime soon. All of us have to rely on Wittichen for any information regarding the malware attack.

Ransomware like cloud service providers:

This is the fourth time in the last 11 months that a cloud service provider is under attack by ransomware. Wisconsin-based PerCSoft paid a huge sum in August, Quickbooks was offline for three days in July. faced a similar situation in Dec of last year.


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