After being hit by an unsuccessful ransomware attack last month, the Pivot Technology Services now reveals what all have been affected in the breach. The Canadian company says the personal data of US employees like their names, addresses, gender, social security numbers and even payroll data was accessed and stolen!

Pivot Technology Services Breached With a Ransomware

Pivot Technologies Solutions is a Canadian MSP that serves several Fortune 1000 private companies like educational institutions, governments and several other organisations. The company was hit by a ransomware attack on June 12th this year, but the attack was limited.

The ransomware group haven’t finished upto what others are doing – stealing data and encrypting systems. But the forensic investigations revealed that the adversaries have been in the network for the adequate span to access and even exfiltrate some of the sensitive data!. The company said, “limited personal information of US employees and consultants.”

The major holding, Pivot Technology Services along with its subsidiaries and affiliate companies were affected. The information being stolen here is of names, addresses, gender, dates of birth, type of insurance coverage and disability status. Further, the social security numbers, banking details and payroll data like details about deductions, 401k forms, income, and benefits too were breached.

The companies impacted in this incident are of;

  • Pivot Technology Services Corporation (New Prosys)
  • Pivot Shared Services, Ltd.
  • ACS (US), Inc.
  • Applied Computer Solutions, Inc.
  • TeraMach Technologies
  •, Inc.
  • Pivot Acquisition Corp.
  • Austin Ribbon & Computer Supplies, Inc.
  • ProSys Information Systems, Inc.

While the reports haven’t mentioned a specific ransomware group, it confirms the company has adequately hit by it. Thus, all these companies have improved their security protocols to avoid further leakage. And the Pivot Services has announced to offer free monitoring services, along with advice to remain guarded.


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