According to Politico, the US Department of Justice may file a lawsuit against Google next week, where it may presumably ask the company to split its departments as separate legal entities. The report talks about Chrome, Google’s grand asset that’s having over 70% market share in the desktop browser. It may order the company to do under the antitrust law.

DoJ May Order Google to Split Up!

Cutting down large companies is not a new tradition in the US. The US government in past has broken the oil business of John D. Rockefeller, who was termed as the richest man in his times. As the Justice Department appealed to the federal government in 1911 to split up Rockefeller’s business into 34 small units, it may do again now with Google!

Several reports suggest that the DoJ is gearing up to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google, in order find any possible violations of its competitive practices. This could give the government a chance to slice the company into several units, as done with the Rockefeller’s business in past.

This is due to the government’s learning of the near-monopoly state of Google in the Search and browser markets. The company is having a strong foothold in various technology fields, just like the Amazon, Apple and Facebook are having in E-commerce, smartphones and Appstore and social networking respectively.

According to a report submitted by Judiciary Committee’s Democratic leadership, these four companies are accused of abusing their powers to take over rivals and needs to be broken down to make it difficult for acquiring the growing businesses.

As per a Politico, the US Department of Justice is now planning to launch a lawsuit next week to probe Google regarding any violations, thus to gain a chance to split the company into individual units, especially the Chrome division. Antitrust allegations aren’t new to Google, as the company has faced a lot and settled fines worth billions of dollars in past.


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