Regardless of how hard TikTok is trying to prove its innocence, the US government is going in full swing to ban it, citing security concerns.

The latest is an order from the House’s Chief Administrative Officer, banning the TikTok app on all devices held by lawmakers and their staff. All these people are asked to reach out immediately and ensure the app is deleted and prohibited from further installation.

Barring Lawmakers From TikTok

Moves to ban the most suspicious entertainer – TikTok, in the US have been in full swing, as US lawmakers have decided to prohibit this app from their devices. As reported by Reuters, the US House’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) has reportedly asked all the lawmakers and their staff to delete TikTok immediately.

This was informed in an email written to all the concerned people, citing “high risk due to a number of security issues.” This comes to a couple of days after US officials are reportedly planning to force ByteDance into selling its US division of TikTok and be suspicion-free.

Though ByteDance (parent of TikTok) agreed to route all the domestic traffic through Oracle servers in the US and even pledged to delete all US user data from its servers, the US government isn’t satisfied after all. Earlier, the Senate unanimously voted to approve a new bill that would ban the app’s installation on all government devices.

Well, some of the US states have already been practicing this – with the rest yet to do it. Also, there’s an approved omnibus bill to prohibit TikTok on all executive branch devices. All these were due to TikTok being a Chinese company and having the potential to hand over sensitive data to China in critical times.


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