Starting as a simple photo-sharing site, Instagram has grown to be one of the world’s largest social media platforms now. Its popularity is even seen as dangerously competitive to Facebook, triggering it to purchase Instagram in its early days. Now, it’s growing at an unprecedented form with over one billion users worldwide.

Thus, people are getting onto it with creative means to keep themselves special among others. Efforts include not just creative photography but also writing typical texts in stylish fonts. If you’re interested in trying some with different font styles, here are our recommendations.

You can change your normals fonts into stylish ones and amaze many people by doing this. The below method is working for both android and iOS. You need to visit the below site and follow our guide.

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Steps to Use Different Instagram Fonts on Android and iOS

Since Instagram supports Unicode scripts, you can generate texts of different font styles, copy and paste them into your account. For this, there are sites like LingoJam, FontGet, IGFonts, etc. Here, we explain to you the procedure using IGFonts as an example;

  1. First, visit the site IGFonts by clicking on this link.
  2. There’s only the home page, with text boxes to write on just at the top. So proceed to write something that you wanted to paste in Instagram, and see that appearing in different font styles right below the text box.
  3. Go through all the styles to select the one you wanted.
  4. Select the style you liked by press and holding, and copy the text.
  5. Now go to Instagram and paste the copied text whenever you liked.

The process is the same for other sites, too, with minor changes in navigation. If you’re not satisfied with the given font styles, you can try creating your own from and export them.

Though Instagram allows users with different font styles, they’re constrained and apply to only a few sections. But here, these third-party generated fonts can be used anywhere from bio space to captions and comments. So try out.

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