If you are a US TV fan, you can buy a subscription or go to USTVGO to watch US TV live without hassle. The website has zero clumsy UI elements or heavy ads, meaning you can browse, tap and watch.

Although some channels require VPN use, USTVGO is a simple to use platform with 100+ live channels. However, I like it and it doesn’t mean everyone would. 

Some sites like USTVGO bring it to you as a viewer. Let’s look at some of the best USTVGO alternatives and their features, which you should know well.

Of course, you will find some websites better or worse than USTVGO since the reaction can be subjective, so read along to know more.

Best USTVGO Alternatives

1. UStream

UStreamUnsurprisingly, UStream is one of the best alternatives for USTVGO as it has more than 200 premium channels across entertainment, movies, sports, and other sectors.

With decent-quality streaming, the website lets you plug into any channel without hassle. Although you will get pop-ups occasionally, using an adblocker can put you at ease.

The interface is very simple. A list of channels will appear where you can tap on any and access it without being too complicated to understand.

Almost everyone works seamlessly except for the ads and pop-ups, ensuring you have a VPN to be engaged for playback. 

Visit: https://www.ustream.to/


DIRECTVDo you need a platform that offers 150+ live channels and you can pay a fixed subscription and relax? DIRECTV is a perfect companion offering you access to direct streaming of countless live channels from AMC to C-SPAN to CNN.

It has a perfect balance of a fantastic UI interface, great subscription plans, and many live channels and content. 

You can go for the various subscription tiers, with the lowest offering 155+ channels, while the premier plan offers 330+ channels and counting. Music, news, sports, entertainment, and more are available.

Visit Site

3. Sling TV

Sling TVSling Free is an alternative to US TV GO, furnishing free and on-demand content. You can subscribe to the SLING TV service to extend its functionality.

Although it gives you many payment plans, once you do it, you can tap into the opportunities of hundreds of channels offering high-quality video resolution, among others.

It has CNN, Comedy Central, TNT, TLC, NBC, and counting. It is as simple as that, sign up for Sling and get on top of this world.

Visit Site

4. TV247

TV247Another notable alternative to USTVGO is TV247. The website lets you stream US channels without paying a penny. Of course, you must deal with pop-ups, ads, and broken streaming links.

However, the website is a good asset since you can watch n number of channels, including but not limited to HBO, ABC, Disney XD, CBS, and Discovery Channel, among others. It is considered a heavyweight contender if you are looking to substitute USTVGO.

Visit: http://tv247.us/

5. Pluto TV

Pluto TVLive TV stations and on-demand shows are free on Pluto TV. There are more than 250 channels to choose from, so you can catch up on the latest in news, sports, movies, and television shows.

You can watch Pluto TV on your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV just like you would watch USTVGO. Pluto TV is a favorite among cord-cutters and streaming fans thanks to its simple interface and wide selection of channels.

Visit: http://pluto.tv

6. DaddyHD

When seeking an alternative to USTVGO, go no further than DaddyHD, with its collection of over 120+ live TV stations and other American and Canadian sports broadcasts.

DaddyHDIf you’re looking for a premium chord cutter for all your streaming requirements, look no further than this website that gives free streams. If a certain stream isn’t working, the site will provide alternative connections to other streams.

DaddyHD’s biggest feature is its streamlined performance and uncluttered user interface. There are no annoying advertisements such as click Ads, pop-ups, or third-party ads to distract you from the content, ensuring a pleasant viewing experience.

Visit Site

7. OKLiveTV

OKLiveTVOKLiveTV provides access to a wide variety of international live TV stations. No costs are associated with using this service; it is accessible from any web-enabled device.

Users can quickly and effortlessly peruse and select from a wide range of channels thanks to the intuitive design of the interface. If you want to watch live TV but don’t have cable or satellite, this is a great choice.

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8. Plex

Plex Data Breach: Personal Data of Some Users Got StolenIf you want to broadcast your own media and keep track of it, Plex is your media server platform. It’s compatible with various gadgets and has useful extras like remote access and media transcoding.

Plex is a popular alternative for folks who want to set up their own media center at home because of its intuitive interface and adaptability.

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9. StreamEast

StreamEastStreameast is a website where users may watch live sports broadcasts, such as those of the NBA, NFL, and MMA. It’s a great streaming service because it doesn’t bother you with annoying pop-up adverts or other distractions. There is no need for viewers to sign up for the streaming.

Popular among sports fans worldwide, Streameast is a trustworthy platform for watching live sporting events. It’s a licensed, official streaming site, so users can relax and enjoy the show.

Visit Site

10. 123TV

123TVWith a simple interface, 123TV is an easy-to-use live TV service that offers easy access to many channels and live TV.

There’s no registration or ads onboard 123TV, which is good news for those who want to simply watch channels without hassle. It is legal, as all the links mentioned on 123TV are legal.

123TV hosts channels from both the UK and the US, giving you access to different genres, including movies, news, and sports, among others, to check out. It means you would have various choices when sitting on your phone or laptop and plugging into 123TV.

Visit: http://123tvnow.com/

11. TV Zinos

TV Zinos

Our next inclusion is TV Zinos, which has been available on the internet for a while and continues its remarkable journey. Whatever you want to watch, TV Zinos has got you covered there.

From BBC News to ALJAZEERA, Yahoo Finance to Bloomberg, and whatnot. Even there is an opportunity for kids’ entertainment. However, everything is well organized and designed which is why anyone can navigate the site easily.

Visit Site

12. StreamWink


If you’re looking for something simple, and yet it can fulfill your live TV streaming demand, then StreamWink is for you. Even though the website has been made with a pretty basic user interface, but good enough to stream your favorite channel from the UK, USA, and Canada.

However, the website provides countless TV channels in every genre, while sports, movies, and entertainment genres have more than 100 channels. We hope, all these stats are more than sufficient for you.

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13. Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch is one of the fast and reliable live TV streaming platforms you can use as a replacement for USTVGO. However, the website has been focused on sports only where you can watch free sports on your mobile, tablet, desktop, or laptop comfortably.

Apart from devices, Stream2Watch is accessible to various operating systems. Other than that, the user interface is pretty basic and easy to understand. On the homepage, the website provides live sports TV channel links. Otherwise, you can switch different sports from the category.

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14. FreeInter TV

FreeInter TV

Whether you want to watch news, movies, TV shows, sports, or anything else, FreeInter TV has a lot to offer you in a single place. You will be left speechless, after seeing how many channels have been featured on the website.

From east to west, north to south every country’s TV channel has been included. Most importantly, the website uses fewer ads in comparison to others which gives you a smooth and uninterrupted streaming service. All in all, FreeInter TV is a perfect alternative to USTVGO.

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15. Squid TV

Squid TV

Squid TV is another considerable USTVGO alternative you can try in any device anytime from anywhere. It provides hundreds of IPTV channels all over the world on your device to enjoy free of cost.

We might witnessed live TV channels from the USA, UK, India, and Canada on almost every website, but Squid TV featured TV channels from Africa, Japan, Nepal, and UAE. So it opens a wide array of content from different continents.

Visit Site

There you have it. A list of some of the best USTVGO alternatives you can check out to watch US TV free and live all at once. Some websites require you to engage a VPN, but that’s something you can do to get access to geo-restricted content and keep your security and privacy a supreme priority. 


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