Microsoft Windows 11 is amazing at its point. It comes with amazing features and advanced technology. But, did you know that suppose in case you forget the password of your home WiFi network, then you can find your WiFi password on your Windows 11 PC that you have already connected?

Well, yes, there’s an option using which you can easily do this. Isn’t it a cool thing? Of course, it is, but it looks like there aren’t many users who are much familiar with this feature. That’s why we are here with this guide. Here we will explain how to find and view WiFi password on your Windows 11 PC.

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Methods To Find or View WiFi Password on Windows 11

Well, the methods that we have described below will make your work easier to find out the WiFi password on Windows 11 PC. So, you can use any of them that you find easier to perform. 

Method 1: Use Settings

If you don’t know anything about how to use the Windows settings to view the saved WiFi passwords, then here are the steps that will surely help you to do so: 

  1. First of all, open the Windows Settings using the Win+I 11 settings
  2. After that, shift to the Network & Internet > Advanced network settings.Network & Internet > Advanced network settings
  3. Now Click on More network adapter, then it will show you all the wireless connections. You need to select one of the connections you want to see the passwords. Right-click on it and tap on Status.
  4. Now, click on the Wireless Properties. This will open the WiFi network properties.
  5. After that, shift to the Security tab and checkmark the box in front of Show characters.

That’s it. Now, it will show you the network’s password that you are connected to. Therefore, note it down and use it on other devices where you need it. 

Method 2: Use Windows PowerShell

You can use Windows PowerShell to view the password of your saved WiFi network. So, let’s take a look at what you require to do:

  1. Firstly, use the Admin Privileges and open Windows PowerShell.Run as Administrator powershell
  2. Then, execute the command:
    (netsh wlan show profiles) | Select-String "\:(.+)$" | %{$network=$_.Matches.Groups[1].Value.Trim(); $_} | %{(netsh wlan show profile name="$network" key=clear)}  | Select-String "Key Content\W+\:(.+)$" | %{$password=$_.Matches.Groups[1].Value.Trim(); $_} | %{[PSCustomObject]@{ NETWORK_NAME=$network;PASSWORD=$password }} | Format-Table -AutoSize

windows powershell see wifi password

Method 3: Via Control Panel

Another way using which you can view the saved password and here are the steps that will help you do so:

  1. Initially, search for Control Panel using the Windows Search bar and open it. 
  2. After that, follow the Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Then, select the active WiFi network and double-click on it. Then, select the Wireless Properties.
  4. After that, shift to the Security tab and checkmark the box in front of the Show Characters option. 

That’s it. Now, you’ll be able to get your WiFi password. So, now use it where you want.

Method 4: Use Command Prompt

The Windows 11 command prompt will also help you display the saved WiFi network password. So, if you find the other methods quite tough to perform, then you can use this method, and here are the steps to do so:

  1. Firstly, you should open the Windows Search bar and search for Command Prompt. Then, open it using admin privileges.CMD Run as administrator
  2. After that, execute the command: 
    netsh wlan show profiles

It will show all active WLAN profiles in your windows 11. First, you need to choose the wireless network to show its password like the image below. Then, you need to use the below command.

netsh wlan show profile name=“Wi-Fi NAME” key=clear

That’s it. Now, the saved WiFi network that you filled the name in place of WiFi Name will be shown just after the command is executed. But don’t forget to replace the name of your WiFi NAME with yours.Use Command Prompt to see wifi password

Method 5: Use Any Third-Party App

If you don’t want to brainstorm with the above technical methods, then using a third-party application will be the right choice for you. Many applications available in the market will help you do so. Well, some of them are WirelessKeyViewUsitility, etc.  

So, that’s all I have for you on how to find your WiFi password on your Windows 11 PC. However, we hope this guide has helped you. Furthermore, if you have any questions, comment below. 


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