If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to pass the time, virtual pet games are a great choice. These apps or games will let you immerse yourself in the virtual world of owning a pet.

There are times when you’d see a dog or a cat around and you’ll just feel like having one around. Well, you might not be ready to handle a pet or there are just some unforeseen circumstances hindering the process.

Whatever the reason, there’s no reason to feel worried. Tons of apps will offer you a great time as a pet owner. In this guide, we’ve curated the best virtual pet apps and games for Android.

Best Virtual Pet Apps and Games for Android

From the list of apps below, you’ll be able to find the perfect virtual friend to have a great time with.

1. My Boo 2

My Boo 2

When looking for a virtual pet game that’ll offer you both fun and adorable moments, My Boo 2 is an ideal choice. In this game, you’ll be able to raise and play with your little blob monster called Boo.

While you’re the owner of Boo, you’ll need to carry out all necessary activities to keep your pet happy. My Boo 2 features a virtual 3D environment and a lot of colorful visuals.

Furthermore, the game is all about fun and customization. You can dress your Boo up in different outfits, feed it yummy snacks, and give it a lot of attention. It’s a fun pet game you can always play on your device.

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2. My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom

One of the leading pet apps on the internet for decades is My Talking Tom. Almost everyone is familiar with this app, and if you aren’t, here’s your chance.

My Talking Tom is a pet game that’ll see you raise a playful talking cat named Tom. You’ll get to raise him from a kitten into a full-grown cat. There’s a reason why this app is so popular.

Well, it’s because My Talking Tom lets you talk to your cat and he’ll repeat everything you said in a funny voice. The uniqueness of this app makes it different from most pet games out there.

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3. My Tamagotchi Forever

My Tamagotchi Forever

My Tamagotchi Forever brings back the fun from the little egg-shaped Tamagotchi toys from back in the day. On Android, it’s a recommended pet game that’ll keep you engaged.

On this one, you’ll need to care for your Tamagotchi character from time to time. Your main priority is to feed, wash, and clean up your pet. As time goes on, it’ll begin to develop.

When it comes to features, My Tamagotchi Forever lets you play mini-games, solve puzzles, and unlock different items. The pet app features colourful visuals, which makes it fun to play.

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4. Moy


Your virtual pet in this one is quite the weird type. Despite being weird, it has a cute look and you’re its new owner. Similar to My Boo 2, this game sees you taking care of a blob and making it your new friend.

Unlike other pet games, Moy focuses more on creativity and freedom. You’ll need to play many mini-games just to make Moy happy.

From its expressive eyes to its funny sounds, Moy is full of character and will always make you laugh. You can also customize Moy to look different.

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5. Kpopsies


Unicorns aren’t mostly used as pets but if you consider having one, then Kpopsies is your go-to option. In this one, you’ll need to hatch and raise your own very adorable creature.

From cute unicorns to fluffy little monsters, each Kpopsie has its unique style and personality. It’s just like every other pet game on the list: feed, care, grow, and play with them.

Furthermore, you’ll need to learn about your Kpopsie’s favorite things and build up a strong bond. The best part is watching your little creature sing and dance to K-pop hits.

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6. Bubbu


Bubbu isn’t like your average virtual pet on Android. There are a lot of demanding activities in this game that make it different. From taking Bubbu to the animal hospital to understanding its emotions.

This game stars a charming and hungry orange cat with a big appetite for fun. You’ll need to help Bubbu explore a colorful world, meet a lot of animal friends, and discover a new way to play.

If you’re searching for a cuddly virtual pet with lots of energy and an adventurous spirit, Bubbu is a top contender.

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7. Hellopet


Another top pet game on the list is Hellopet, it’s the perfect choice for those who can’t own a pet. This game will see you explore different animals that can be considered as pets.

From cats, dogs, and other adorable animals, Hellopet features them all. With its realistic graphics and lifelike animations, it’s like having a real pet friend around.

The game features community pet chat, mini-games, and many fun activities you can do with your pet. Lastly, the overall experience is cool. The game runs perfectly with all the details in place.

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8. Duddu


Next up is Duddu, and it’s a virtual pet game that’ll see you build friendships with your pet dog. If you’re the type who loves dogs, then this is the perfect choice for you.

You’ll get to experience all the joys of having a puppy without the real-life messes. In addition, Duddu won’t give you stress like other virtual pets; that’s because it’s a cool dog.

Whenever Duddu isn’t feeling well or needs attention, there are quick ways to know. Other things you can do include taking him on walks, playing fetch and teaching him all sorts of cool tricks

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9. Cthulhu Virtual Pet

Cthulhu Virtual Pet

For Lovecraft fans, Cthulhu Virtual Pet is the perfect pet app for your Android device. It’s based on the legendary horror writer H.P. It allows users to experience something different.

In this pet app, you’ll need to hatch and raise a baby, Cthulhu. One notable difference is the pixel art style and the dark humor that is present in it.

Cthulhu Virtual Pet is more like caring for an ancient horror pet, so it requires a different approach. As the pet owner, you can feed your Cthulhu strange foods and help it spread madness.

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10. Pou


Pou is a true classic when it comes to virtual pets, it features taking care of an alien potato-shaped blob. This one is quite straightforward and it’s a fun choice for all ages.

In Pou, you’ll need to feed, clean and play with your pet. With the availability of different mini-games, it offers a chance to draw more attraction than ever.

In addition, you can customize Pou with funky outfits and decorate its room in all sorts of ways. Its simple, colorful design and easy-to-learn gameplay make it a great choice for both kids and adults

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With so many amazing virtual pet apps available, these are the best ones you’ll come across. Whether you’re taking time off or just keeping yourself in the virtual world of owning a pet. These apps and games will give you all the needed experience.


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