The maker of VLC media player has come with its next version, VLC v3.3 for Android. This latest update brings a navigation bar at the bottom, tunes the app’s dark mode to complete black, shows realtime video statistics, better integration of audio/video input and grouping of videos in folders. Also, it’s crafted to support the Android 11 and also, some changes have been brought to VLC player on Android TV too.

VLC media player v3.3 Released

The VLC media player is considered as one of the best in its space since it can play almost any type of media file. The makers of it VideoLAN has today announced the launch if VLC media player v3.3. This new version comes with a significant amount of improvements and new features to talk about. Here are they;

The new VLC 3.3 has a navigation bar at the bottom, which has the sections as Video, Audio, Browse, Playlists and More. Thus, users can quickly access what’s required for them. The section opens up the settings where you can customise functions to enhance your streaming experience better. Other features include;

  • Users can now lock their video from Controls or the Advanced options.
  • The makers have tuned the app’s current Dark Mode to a pitch Black Mode, which is even better effective at protecting your eyes in dark.
  • The VLC logo has been revamped.
  • Users can now manually group up videos of a particular category to a designated folder, thereby accessing them quickly as per nature.
  • The status bar of audio player is improved to show the status of your entire playlist.
  • Users can streamline the downloaded subtitles, audio and video at one place now. There’s a separate UI menu showing up to help users align the audio and subtitles accurately.
  • There’s a sponsorship button added to let users donate to the team.
  • Realtime video statistics can be seen now to see how well the video is being performed.
  • A share button has been added to let users share the file to others.
  • Besides these UI and feature Improvements to VLC Android app, the makers have also revamped the VLC app for Android TV.

Try the app here: VLC for Android


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