These days, most people prefer to watch Bollywood movies at home, preferably on their computers or smartphones. This is way more convenient than booking a ride to the cinema.

Rather, online streaming giants like Netflix, PrimeVideo, SonyLiv, etc, have fueled the concept of watching movies on OTT platforms. So we will discuss the best websites to watch Hindi movies online.

Unlike English movies, which are bound to a single publisher, most Hindi movies and TV shows are available on multiple platforms. This makes it difficult to choose. However, we have compiled a list of the best sites to watch Hindi Bollywood movies so that you don’t need to put in the effort.

Best Sites to Watch Bollywood Movies Online Free

We handpicked the best legal websites to watch Hindi movies and TV shows online. You will find your favorite web series or movies on these platforms.

1. YouTube

YouTube TV

Most older Hindi movies are available on YouTube for free, and you can stream them legally. As for premium movies, most of them have a rental plan with YouTube, and you can rent the latest movies for Rs50 or Rs100 a day. YouTube is the cheapest platform to watch Hindi movies online, but it has limited titles as of now.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular platforms to watch Hindi movies. While the basic list of movies (those included on the basic subscription plan) is huge, you can access almost any film by paying a premium rent for it. Amazon Prime Video includes an option to add channels that add even more movies to the list.

3. Hotstar

Disney Plus Hotstar

If I appreciate something about Hotstar, it is their generosity in offering many movie titles for free streaming. Even more, you wouldn’t need to sign in to watch many of these movies. If you buy their subscription, it will open you up to even more options. Hotstar also streams the Cricket World Cup, so it is worth buying.

4. SonyLIV


It is a platform similar to Hotstar, except that it has its primary focus on Hindi titles, both for movies and TV shows. SonyLIV hosts many exclusive shows and also allows premium access to shows previously aired on the Sony channel. The subscription is worth a buy because it offers you a lot for a low fee. Even more, you can watch a lot of movies without signing in.

5. MXPlayer


MXPlayer is a platform that offers most of its content for free. The catch is that the free content will contain advertisements. The plus point is that you don’t need to sign in to watch the content. A lot of shows and series on MX Player are premium but you can watch them for free (unlike SonyLIV and Hotstar).

6. ErosNow


At a mere Rs399 per year, Eros is quite a reasonable platform for watching Hindi movies online. While their catalog is limited to their own set of movies, it’s still quite a huge one. ErosNow also comes as a channel with Amazon Prime video and you can buy the subscription there for a subsidized price.

7. Netflix


If you were to check any resource on the best online streaming platforms, Netflix would be on top of the list. It has the highest global user base amongst its rivals. In India, Netflix isn’t the top platform, but I recommend it for Hindi movies since Netflix usually publishes the latest titles before anyone else. Even more, if a movie is available on Netflix, it will need quite some time before other online streaming services publish it.



While a lot of Hindi movies are available across popular platforms, the best are hidden gems. These hidden gems were sorted and compiled by MUBI. The movies streamed on MUBI are usually exclusive to it. You can find a mix of both old and new films. These movies are handpicked, so you don’t need to overthink before playing random titles.

9. JIOCinema


JIOCinema was not well acknowledged earlier. A part of the subscription was free with your Jio phone number, but most of the titles had to be rented separately. However, recently, they acquired VOOT, which has a significant share in the Hindi film streaming market. So, now you can access a lot of Hindi film titles on JIOCinema by logging in through your Jio phone number.

10. Zee5


Do you remember the good old ZeeTV? It is back as an online streaming platform named Zee5. The platform offers a huge catalog of Hindi movies and TV shows. While the content is mostly premium, the subscription is worth the fee. Interestingly, if you buy its plan, you will get access to titles in other languages too.


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