WhatsApp in its latest beta for Android brings the new camera interface, which was previously made available to iOS.

Spotted in WhatsApp Android beta v2.22.8.11, the new camera interface will have a slightly revamped media selection panel. Also, the camera’s media bar at the bottom, which was removed in iOS is now brought back after several complaints from users.

WhatsApp New Camera Interface

Though being the world’s largest instant messenger, WhatsApp is always criticized for not rolling out new features regularly. And it’s reasonable. With over two billion monthly active users, WhatsApp should be careful in testing any new features without breaking the existing functionality.

In this pursuit, the platform has just rolled out the new camera interface to its Android beta, which was previously made available for iOS. Seen in the WhatsApp beta version v2.22.8.11, this interface brings back the media bar at the bottom, after being heavily criticized by iOS users who tested it.

Also, the media picking panel is slightly revamped to include Recents and Gallery tabs, offering users a choice on how they wanted to pick up an image. This may soon be available to more users. Besides this, WhatsApp is also restricting users’ forwarding access.

In the WhatsApp Android beta v2.22.7.2 and iOS beta v22.7.0.76, the new forwarding limit is applied to prevent spam. After this update, users will only be able to forward a message to only one group at a time! This change is applicable only to group chats, and not for personal chats yet.


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