WhatsApp business, a slightly different version of WhatsApp aimed at businesses could soon become commercial for linking more than four devices.

A paid subscription of this would let business users hook up upto 10 devices at a time, for offering continuous support to their customers by multiple people. Also, WhatsApp is redesigning the Linked Devices screen in the business client.

WhatsApp Business Paid Subscription

As WhatsApp is used by billions of people today, many businesses started offering it as one of their official support channels to communicate with their community. Some of the services include listing products and selling them with an online payment facility, and also clarifying doubts remotely.

As it’s turning to be helpful for many, Meta is planning to monetize the service at a very core point – the number of devices linked to an account. As of now, a business can link its WhatsApp account to four different devices, and chat with the customer simultaneously from all those accounts.

As it’s crucial, WhatsApp is seen asking users to pay for linking upto 10 devices to a business account. This is spotted by WaBetaInfo, who also noted a redesigned Linked Devices screen in the WhatsApp business client.

Apart from this, there’s no other information known about this touted paid subscription for the WhatsApp business. And since it’s a mere leak, it should be treated as a pinch of salt.

While it’s still in the testing phase, and may or may not make it to the final phase, experts say that it’s most unlikely to be implemented. This is because the rival messengers like Telegram and others are making such services free to businesses, so WhatsApp monetizing them wouldn’t be logical.


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