To let more people come together to chat, WhatsApp is increasing the limit of groups on its platform to 1,024 people.

This comes weeks after the platform increased the limit from 256 members to 512 while also adding more tools to better manage the larger groups. Now, doubling it makes helps businesses and larger communities to broadcast communications, where people’s responses in not much considered.

Increasing the WhatsApp Group Size

For a long, WhatsApp has limited the number of people joining a group to 256 participants. This was recently increased to 512 people as the community requested better broadcasts. And now, with even more people coming together to plan things and know updates, WhatsApp is made to double the group size once again!

As noted by WaBetaInfo, some of the platform’s Android and iOS beta testers are seeing the ability to add upto 1,024 people to a new group. With the increased member cap, there’s a larger scope for businesses to broadcast their communications to their customers.

This is particularly helpful in situations where the participant’s responses are not required. Though the increased group size works similar to the normal groups we see now, it could be a mess and annoying if as many as a thousand people are supposed to react to every single message.

Well, for that, WhatsApp is working on relevant tools for better management, the same source noted. Some of these may include the manual join request approval system and collaboration rights among the group admins.

If you think having over a thousand people in a group is unwanted, Telegram is letting people form groups with upto 200,000 participants! And it’s effectively used by businesses to let their community chat on various topics and be useful. So there’s no wonder why WhatsApp is testing this.


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