Months after widely rolling out the Communities feature, WhatsApp is now giving more control to the group admins to manage them better.

In an announcement shared today, the chat platform said the group admins can now decide who can join their groups – by restricting anyone who’s not invited. Also, for users, WhatsApp now lets you find common groups with others with a simple search.

Powers to WhatsApp Group Admins

Meta is rapidly developing WhatsApp in the last couple of years. In November 2022, WhatsApp released Communities – a new way for group admins who wanted to share the news with several people, on slightly similar notes. Well, with increased groups, there will increased amount of spam.

And controlling them is the duty of group admins, as expected by the community. Thus, WhatsApp is now rolling out new tools for admins to manage their groups better.

Group admins can now decide who can join their groups – and keep off anyone who they don’t want in. This is necessary, especially when the invite links shared with one may go elsewhere without the actual sharer’s permission.

Requesting the group admin to join a certain group will also increase the confidence of group members, who rely on the admin’s overseeing for maintaining fair conversations.

Further, WhatsApp will now allow users to find groups in common with someone through a simple search – by either the contact you’re looking for or the group. Just type in the contact name or the group name in the search box, and see all the groups you and your contacts are associated with.

This seems essential especially when there are a number of groups popping up – and even more after the introduction of Communities. Both these changes start rolling out to users in the coming weeks, so don’t worry if you don’t see them now – even after downloading the latest WhatsApp beta.


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