Without making much noise about leaving a group, WhatsApp is testing new support that will only notify the group admins about someone exiting the group.

A system message that’s automatically stuck in the group chat whenever a participant leaves the group will now be shown only to the group admins. This was seen in WhatsApp for desktop and may soon come to iOS and Android clients.

Exiting WhatsApp Groups Silently

Group chats on WhatsApp are a mess, especially if you have active members conversing all the time. Though you can mute it, some wish to exit the group. But if it’s a strong community with everyone caring about everyone, it’s hard to leave the mob without making any noise.

Whenever someone leaves a group chat, WhatsApp sticks a system message saying that the concerned member has left the chat. And this notification may trigger someone to call you to join back. Cutting all this nonsense, WhatsApp decided to notify only the group admins about someone’s leaving.

As seen by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp for desktop is testing support of notifying only the group admins about someone’s leaving their group and not the others. This reduces the unnecessary prompts from someone unwanted, thus good.

Though this was seen in the WhatsApp desktop app, for now, it may soon make its way to the iOS and Android clients too. This feature was previously named when Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the Communities feature, still in the pipeline.

Alongside, we may have some other features like the filtering chats for quick access coming soon. The platform has already rolled out emojis’ reactions to messages and increased the file sharing limit to 2GB, and the group participants limit to 512 members.


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