WhatsApp may soon add a new feature that could let you chat from two devices, from a single account. This feature was touted to be in development since November last year, but WABetaInfo now claims to be approaching the official rollout. Yet, full details of this feature are unknown like the support for cross-platform devices as iPad and Android phone. Until the official rollout, we should limit our expectations to just support for multiple devices.

Trying new features is the only way WhatsApp could remain at the top. This simple messenger has tough competitors like Telegram, Hike, Snapchat, etc all blowing up with new features. Even it’s counterpart Instagram got many developments for making the chatting interactive. But WhatsApp remained the same.

WhatsApp May Soon Support Multiple Devices for a Single Account
WhatsApp May Soon Support Multiple Devices for a Single Account

Multiple-Device Support

The grand messenger is now planning for new multiple device support for a single account. Like, this would let you have your account (with one phone number) operable from multiple devices. People who often switch devices like from tablet to phone and vice-versa, this is a good option. Imagine being in a good conversation and stopping abruptly because of low battery or other. You may now switch to another phone or tablet and login from the same account.

As of now, it’s unsure whether this functionality is available for cross platforms like iOS and Android devices. But switching from an Android phone to another Android tablet kind is sure. WABetaInfo has found this feature is in development since November 2019 but hasn’t reached public till now. And now assumes this to be rolled out in version 2.20.110.

Multiple Device support on Android
Multiple Device support on Android

Others recent updates

WhatsApp has recently limited the video status length to 15-seconds in India. This was to ease the load on their server infrastructure amidst coronavirus. Further, it’s found that the platform may again rename it’s Delete Message feature to Expire Message or come up with a new timer countdown for every message’s show up. We’ll come to see all of these soon in the next updates. And if you’re a beta tester, you may see earlier.

Via: WABetaInfo


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