The ever-reliable WhatsApp reporter – WaBetaInfo has come up with a new update for the voice notes feature in WhatsApp, which will let the voice message play in the background.

To date, a voice note that’s played in a conversation will be stopped once we come to the home screen or to a different chat. But, this new support will play the voice note in the background, with a progress bar and buttons to play/pause and dismiss.

Listen to WA Voice Notes in Background

Voice messages are one of the interesting forms of communication. To users who’re bored with texting, sending a voice message can be exciting enough. And in WhatsApp, the platform started supporting this a couple of years ago, with more functionalities being added to it later.

Now, new support is in the pipeline, which can make listening to voice notes in WhatsApp better. As per WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp’s Android client v2.22.3.1 has support for playing the voice notes in the background. This can be extremely helpful if WhatsApp brings it to life one day.

whatsapp may soon support playing voice notes in background
Image Via WABetaInfo

To date, users can fully listen to the voice note only if they stay in that specific conversation. Switching to another chat conversation or even going back to the WhatsApp home page will dismiss the message entirely, and makes you listen from first again or drag where you left.

But if a background playback is supported, users can listen to it while switching chats. As per the report, the background playback will appear on the top of the app and have a progress bar and buttons to play/pause and dismiss the playing voice note.

WhatsApp is seen working on this for quite a long time since we’ve seen the platform testing this support in WhatsApp beta for iOS back in October last year but didn’t bring it to life. Also, this support in the Android app isn’t available for beta users already.


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