WhatsApp has reportedly fine-tuned its platform to look much better on large-screen devices, like tablets with a two-pane layout.

This support was spotted in WhatsApp beta for Android, where the new UI is optimized for tablets. By dividing the screen into two panes, users can chat easily on the right window while being able to see their chat contacts on the left. Since it’s still in testing, there’s no date on when it’ll come to the public.

WhatsApp’s New UI For Tablets

One of the many things that WhatsApp is working on is Companion Mode – where the platform will let users access an account from multiple devices simultaneously. Well, this is a part of the revamped multi-device support, which WhatsApp has been testing for months.

As it continues to do so, a report from WaBetaInfo stated that WhatsApp is testing a new two-pane layout for tablet devices to make the display and handling of chats better. This is a need of the hour, as the platform is solely focusing on improving the UI for apps on mobile and desktop clients, alongside pushing new features regularly.

The service on WhatsApp is a sub-par experience, with the display of conversations stretched to fit the whole screen without minding the logic of how a user would handle it. Hopefully, this is going to change now with the introduction of a two-pane layout for tablets in WhatsApp beta for Android

WhatsApp’s New UI For Tablets

This large-screen optimized UI divides the screen info into two-equal halves, with a chat list on the left and an active conversation on the right. This makes it easier for the user to chat – by focusing on one side – while not exiting it to view the other chats.

Well, this is a part of the Companion Mode of WhatsApp’s Multi-Device feature, which is still in testing. So there’s no timeline on when we can actually see this.


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