After all these years, WhatsApp added much-needed support to its platform – the ability to undo a deleted message!

This would allow users to revert a deleted message and delete it for everyone or leave it as usual. This has been a long-requested feature for quite a time and would definitely interest users.

Undoing WhatsApp Deleted Messages

Over the course of the past decade, WhatsApp is reigning as the market leader in the instant messaging space – all because of its simplicity and proper functioning of given features. But this stopped working against the growing market competition, which forced WhatsApp to push new features rapidly.

In this pursuit, the company added an Undo button to its platform – where users can try it revert the deleted messages. This support is announced by WhatsApp head Will Cathcart, that a new Undo option will help users much.

There are situations where we accidentally delete a message – and that mistake would stick “Delete for me” in the chat. As there’s no option to revert this till now, you couldn’t do anything after that!

But now, with the Undo button, you can revert this message and hit on ‘Delete for everyone’ or let it be as it is. This way to bring back the message and make the change is appreciated and much needed. If you haven’t seen this option in your WhatsApp yet, just wait, as it will be rolling out gradually to everyone.

The community has long been asking for this support, which has become a highly requested feature after editing messages and other features. Aside from this, WhatsApp has added a number of features in recent weeks, like the ability to call 32 people in a video call, expanding the group size limit, the ability to transfer WhatsApp data to an iOS device, etc.


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