WhatsApp is finally bringing a much-needed feature to its platform – Adjustable Video Quality before sharing it.

This is not available in the Beta channel yet, but seen by WaBetaInfo and has given users three options before sending a video – Auto, Best Quality, and Data Saver.

WhatsApp Video Upload Quality

WhatsApp to Soon Let Users Choose a Video Quality Before Sharing

WhatsApp has long been criticized for the unnecessary compression of media while sharing. While its rival platforms like Telegram give users the option to select a video upload quality, WhatsApp doesn’t have it until now.

But this could soon be changing, as WaBetaInfo found a new option in Android for setting video upload quality before sharing with contacts on WhatsApp. This should let users set their desired standard for sharing media, as per their needs.

As per reports, the new option is seen in Storage and Data section and sets a quality standard for all the videos sent with one tap. The three options available in this set are;

  • Auto (recommended): Where WhatsApp will detect whether to compress the video or not and takes automatic action before sending it.
  • Best quality: where all videos will be sent with the best quality (highest resolution) available!
  • Data saver: WhatsApp uses its compression algorithm to compress videos before sending them.

Users should note that one setting will apply for all. Thus, if you want to send a video of other quality than previously set, you should go back to settings and change the options.

Users who don’t have any data caps may choose to send videos with full resolution, which will be delivered at the best quality to recipients for download.

But, videos that aren’t important so much may be sent at the Data Saver option, which also saves space in Google Drive when backed up. This feature is not yet available in the beta channel too and may appear soon.


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