After a prolonged period of time, WhatsApp has finally brought the expiring media feature to its platform.

This was seen in the latest Android Beta, where users can set View Once the option to the media they’re sending to others, and have them deleted once viewed. Also, senders will be notified when the sent media is opened.

WhatsApp New Privacy Feature

Though Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp are fairly helpful in protecting your privacy, they last for 7 days before wiping out. Thus, WhatsApp introduced a new “View Once” option for media privacy.

After teasing the feature since last year, WhatsApp has finally rolled out this support in the latest Android Beta version, as seen by WaBetaInfo.

According to the screenshots shared by it, the “View Once” option appears when you’re sending media to your contacts. Selecting the option before sending will have the media (photo, video, or GIF) disappear after the recipient viewing it once.

Also, you will be notified when the recipient opens the media you have sent. This works in the groups too, where you can check by tapping on the Message info option.

Also, WaBetaInfo notes that those who have disabled the read receipts can not receive a notification upon the recipient viewing the media. But, those who have it enabled will be notified, even though the recipient has read receipts disabled.

Further, this feature turns out to be useless if the recipient takes a screenshot, or saves the media already using any third-party tools. Thus, View Once is just a better privacy option than current Disappearing Messages.

And since WhatsApp doesn’t notify users about the screenshot being taken, they should proceed with this mind. This View Once support is currently available only to few Android Beta users and will be rolling out to more soon. Also, it’s not live in the iOS Beta client.


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