As WaBetaInfo reported, WhatsApp is making a new ‘Review Voice Message’ feature in its platform to let users review their just recorded audio before sending it. This is aimed at helping them to check the message before sending it, so they can decide to discard or proceed to send. It’s not available for the users yet, but beta testers may soon get this.

WhatsApp New Audio Feature

Voice Messages in WhatsApp have made it easy for users who wanted to send a long message but are lazy. They can tap on the record button and speak their will and release it to send automatically. But, not everyone uses this feature all the time as they fear recording unwanted noise and the intended message.

Thus, here’s an upcoming feature that can help you with this. WhatsApp reportedly works on a new feature in the Voice Messages section, where users can review their just recorded audio before sending it. A demo video shared by WaBetaInfo detailed how this works;

The user, as usual, will tap and hold on the record button for recording his audio. Once done, he releases it save the audio, and will see a ‘Review’ option available in the message section itself for checking. Tapping on Review will play the just recorded audio, where you can listen to check if it has gone as intended.

And if you did, you can hit on the send (arrow) button to share your content. A similar reviewing tool was available in WhatsApp currently, but that wasn’t this direct. Thus, this direct feature makes it simple for users to check it before deciding to send or discard and re-recording it. It’s not available for beta testers yet and may come soon.


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