Continuing the problems from Microsoft, several users of Lenovo laptop users reported that they’re facing issues after updating to Windows 10 2004 August update. The issues noted here are particularly with Enhanced Window Biometric System, where they’re facing BSOD when booting, running Defender scans, opening Lenovo Vantage etc.

Lenovo Laptop Users Complain About Windows 10 August Update

Continuing the legacy of this year’s faulty updates passed by Microsoft, Lenovo laptop users take the stage to express their anger over issues caused after updating to Windows 10 version 2004 in August update. Especially the Lenovo ThinkPad users say they face Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) when they’re booting their laptops.

Further, BSOD occurs when they run a system scan with Windows Defender, BSOD while starting Lenovo Vantage, IR Camera errors in Device Manager and similar issue with Intel Management Engine. Users also claim they cannot log in by face through Windows Hello feature.

Earlier reports on Windows 10 May update caused similar errors to many systems, especially the Lenovo ThinkPad users. The updates of KB4549951 and KB4566782 has slowed down system performance, lowered fps count in games, increased boot time and frequent system crashes.

The Solution From Lenovo

Lenovo has acknowledged the issue and asked users to halt the disable the feature for a while. This is until Microsoft comes with a stable update that fixes this issue. If you’re a Lenovo laptop user, try Start Menu > BIOS Settings > Security Options > Virtualization Menu > disable > Enhanced Biometric Security.

Though this is just a workaround, users are recommended not to update system if you’re in the risk category as Lenovo ThinkPad users. It’s better to halt system updates for a while to avoid bricking the system with faulty updates. To do this, navigate to Start Menu > Settings > Windows Update. Scroll down to see the options of new updates, set “Pause Updates for 7 days”.

You can continue this till you get the stable bug free update from Microsoft or repeat. If you want more, move down the see the Advanced options, where you can pause updates for 35 days.

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