Though Microsoft is revamping all elements in Windows 10 gradually, it’s leaving File Explorer behind such changes. But this too will be changing soon, as the latest leaks show the elements in File Explorer being organized in touch-friendly mode by default. This is to help users of all devices to navigate smoothly.

Windows 10 File Explorer New Design

File Explorer has long been carrying the same design. While Microsoft promised to revamp the whole Windows 10 soon, we’ve seen changes only in major icons and sections like Start Menu, but not in File Explorer, which is also a major one letting users check all the files folders.

Now, as reported by Windows Latest, the File Explorer section could soon get a design change in terms of viewing elements. This is to make the touch-friendly interface default, which adds padding to the elements organized in a list. And since space is slightly increased between the elements, it is easy for a user on the tablet to navigate throughout.

It’s easy anyway for the PC users, who navigate through the mouse. But for tablet users, touch errors may often occur due to close alignment of elements. Thus, it’s the only major change seen for now, and the reports say interested users can switch back to the current normal mode by selecting Compact Mode in Viewing Options.

The good old icons like Downloads, Music, Videos, Pictures, Documents, and Dekstop are getting a design change, with curved edges and in shady colors. Further, sections like Action Center and Start Menu will get design updates in the upcoming Windows 10 21H1 version, all known as Sun Valley update, scheduled sometime later this year.


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