After a long wait, Microsoft has finally made the Search box of Windows 10 dark. This was seen by a Windows Insider who shared a screenshot of the new Dark theme for the Search box, which has now received the support even though the entire system got Dark Mode earlier. This is now available for latest Windows 10 Fast ring build.

Windows 10 Search Box Gets Dark Mode

Dark Mode has been an essential feature in almost every user device these days. Since it reduces the strain on eyes by darkening the screen, it has turned into one of the frequently asked features by any user community. Windows community is one of such a huge pack, where almost every user asked for it.

While Microsoft has essentially rolled out the Dark Theme for entire system background, it had left the Search box for some reason! This could be mad, since Search feature is sometimes that’s frequently accessed by any user, and it’s actually the initial step for doing anything with your PC.

And now, Microsoft has rolled out support for darkening this section too. Windows Insiders running the latest Fast ring build are able to see the Dark themed Search box, including the search results from system apps and web results. This was spotted by a user and shared on Twitter, which was then confirmed by the Windows Community Manager, Jen Gentleman.

To experience this, users need to register for the Windows Insider Program and should update the system to the latest Fast ring build. Being a Windows Insider means you’re able to try the latest features that Microsoft has been making for the Windows. These will later be rolled out to general users after correcting any reported bugs.


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