Microsoft has today launched the Tuesday cumulative update for the month of October, which is generally a security patch rather than a feature pack. It revises the software versions to Windows 10 Build 19041.572 (KB4579311) and should be applied by all who updated to May 2020 update. It addresses internet connectivity bugs, WSL bugs, and others.

Windows 10 KB4579311 Available For Offline Download

Microsoft has made the Windows 10 October update available via offline, since some could not see that through the Settings option. Users interested, if not wanted to solve the earlier bugs reported, have to install this for patches. Here’s the Windows 10 KB4579311 (build v19041.572) for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit.

KB4579311 Update
KB4579311 Update

This update addresses the Group Policy service issues reported earlier, which results in boot failures due to some file deletions. Also, security patches are available for the Win32k bug, and the WSL patch that’s been haunting users for four months! Several users have reported the error messages when tried opening the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

WSL lets users try the Linux OS on their PCs with Windows as the host OS. Users opening this feature were shown the Element not found” error, which has received a patch today. Also, this update fixes the internet connectivity bugs in LTE devices, where they were shown as not connected to the internet even though they are.

Further, a problem noted in May 2020 update, regarding the Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) that’s seen in Taskbar, and shows about your connectivity status. This was being shown in a yellow triangle after updating to May 2020 update, thus showing inactive status. It’s even reported to have crashed some Store apps like Microsoft Store, Spotify, Feedback Hub, etc.


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