While the Windows 10 20H1 update is set to arrive in spring this year, it has already been releasing few pre-builds every month regularly. Its latest build, Windows 10 1909 in December has seen a bunch of problems related to File Explorer, which are set to be rectified after holidays, as specified by its Senior Program Manager.

As a part of Microsoft’s Insider Program, where a genuine user is allowed to trail the pre-build versions of Windows Operating System before releasing them to the extensive public, Microsoft will face enough heat from the community regarding issues over new features. Previously allowed only for developers, this program was open for everyone with valid OS license and can experience new/improved feature before than others.

Microsoft To Rectify The File Explorer Bugs
Microsoft To Rectify The File Explorer Bugs

The release of the latest Windows 10 1909 pre-build in December has few improvements. This includes the creating an event directly from the calendar available from Taskbar, using voice to wakeup voice assistants from the lock screen, integrating OneDrive’s content in the results of file explorer etc. While all these come as perks, here what users got to report;

File Explorer Issues

The latest build of Win10 1909 led many users reporting issues with the File Explorer feature. While they considered the significant improvement of integrating Windows search with File Explorer search, they’re facing search-related issues with this feature. Users report the explorer to hang, turning blurry and unresponsive sometimes, unable to paste content/keywords by right-clicking in the bar etc.

After Holidays

While Microsoft would generally be looking onto this as soon as they’re reported, users were told by the Senior Program Manager of this as the company will take care of these after holidays! This is because of the team working on it are on holidays and moreover, Microsoft doesn’t feel these as a pressing issue yet!

Brandon LeBlanc, the Senior Program Manager of this Insider Program tweeted as, “We will look into this but since it’s not a pressing issue, we may not get traction until after the holidays”. To which, an aggrieved user replied: “It’s a very pressing issue, affecting everyone”.

Considering this, we expect Microsoft to release the rectified build of this in late January or early February this year.


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