Microsoft’s Your Phone app has announced to support a few Samsung handsets, which let users use multiple apps on their PC. Users having an eligible Samsung phone (high-end and few A-series) and running on Windows 10 machine, can now connect their phones to their PC via Wi-Fi to run multiple apps side-by-side.

Windows 10 Your Phone Now Supports Apps Loading

Microsoft has been tuning the Windows 10 to be more productive since it’s inception. Except for few bugged updated, it’s passing since the beginning of this year, the Windows 10 has a range of features to ease our regular works and automate most of them. One such app for reducing reliance on the phone by exporting that work to PC is – Your Phone app.

The Your Phone app from Microsoft is available on both Appstores for Android and iOS and lets users pair it with their Windows 10 systems. While the features of the apps are limited until recently, it’s now expanding its to support sideloading of apps from your connected phone. Starting with Android and especially with few Samsung phones initially, Your Phone app lets you use all your phone apps on your PC.

This could roll out to other phones and iOS devices if the OEMs collaborate with Microsoft as Samsung did. This feature requires the OEMs to mend their firmware to include connecting to Windows 10 machines via Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth and transfer communication data. Until recently, users can only see the notifications in their systems.

Ability to use Apps feature in Your Phone means you can see notifications from all of your apps, and even pin them to taskbar just as system apps. This makes you rely less on phone and work more on your system, besides checking your important notifications without much distraction. Here’s the complete list of Samsung phones supported by Your Phone for Apps feature.


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