While we all are eagerly waiting for the launch of the new Windows 10X, a new report claims that the plans for such are shelved for good. As per Bard Sams from Petri, Microsoft will not launch the Windows 10X OS this year, and probably ever! This is because the company doesn’t see anticipated demand from the community yet, so rather try bringing some of its new features to Windows 10 in its Sun Valley update.

Microsoft Shelves Windows 10X!

Windows 10XMicrosoft has initially tipped about a new lightweight Windows 10 OS, called Windows 10X, in late 2019. This could be a game-changer since Microsoft’s direct response to Google’s ChromeOS runs mostly on the cloud and needs fewer resources to process regular works. But, it’s now turning away from the mainstream!

According to Bard Sams from Petri, people familiar with the matter say that Microsoft has shelved the Windows 10X for good. This could be coming from various reasons, and one prominent among them is lack of demand. Some internals says that Microsoft doesn’t see the community’s anticipated demand for Windows 10X.

Windows 10X is initially made for education laptops and frontline workers, and devices like dual-screen handsets would equip it. But, it’s repurposed to single-screen devices since the demand is surging last year and shall come for convertible laptops like the 2-in-1s.

Also, it will be running on Intel CPUs initially before making it suitable for ARM-based devices. While these are the distinct specifications the Windows 10X carries, it’s only slightly special than the regular Windows 10. Thus, buying a whole new device for that isn’t feasible.

Also, the current Windows 10 community expects some of the revamped features of Windows 10X to be brought to regular Windows 10 in its next big update – Sun Valley (or the Windows 10 21H2). So for all these reasons, Microsoft may hold onto the Windows 10X as long as it sees the demand or permanently dumps it to focus only on upgrading the current Windows 10.


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