Several Windows 11 users report issues with using AMD software due to old drivers, caused by the Universal Windows Platform.

AMD acknowledged this issue citing the automatic replacement of compatible drivers for AMD software with that of Windows, and asks users to either uninstall the unnecessary drivers or download the compatible ones directly from their website.

Incompatible AMD GPU Drivers

AMD is one of the two most important companies in the computer GPU market, with its Radeon graphics powering most of the mid and lower-end systems out there. Any issues arising with its software will eventually break the experience and needs to be quickly remediated.

In this pursuit, AMD has come up with a solution for Windows 11 users complaining about a new driver issue with its AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition, where a warning message as
“Windows Update may have automatically replaced your AMD Graphics driver. Hence, the version of AMD Software you have launched is not compatible with your currently installed AMD Graphics driver,” is being stated.

This is because the latest Microsoft update is mistakenly replacing AMD drivers in Windows 11 with that Universal Windows Platform (UWP) drivers – which are old and incompatible. AMD noted that two versions of its software are installed on the system, conflicting with each other with the proper drivers, thus issues.

And to avoid this from happening, you should change some internal settings that prevent Windows Updates from installing drivers for your AMD Radeon graphics. Here’s how;

  1. Open Windows Search using Windows + S keys and type in “Device Installation” to find “Change device installation settings“.
  2. Open it and select “No” for the prompt asking for automatic download of manufactured apps. It may say “Your device might not work as expected“, but still ok.
  3. Click on Save Changes.

You may also try making changes through the Windows Registry too, as below;

  • Open Group Policy Editor.
  • Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates
  • Open Windows Components > Windows Update
  • Double-click “Do not include a driver with Windows Update” in Group Policy.
  • Enable the policy.
  • Click OK.
  • Reboot.

If not, you can reinstall the AMD Software from AMD’s official website to get the thing running without any issues. But if you prefer using UWP drivers for AMD software, you can uninstall AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition through Windows Settings > Apps & features, and continue to use the OEM customized driver software. Making sure to maintain no clash between the two versions of the same software is the key here.


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