Earlier this week, we’ve seen the leak of an unofficial build of Windows 11 circulating in the community, and even tried by many.

While many are playing with the unofficial build, a YouTuber claims to have got hands on the official version of Windows 11 and tried several performance tests to determine how good it is now.

Windows 11 Performance Tests

With hardly a week left for the official Windows OS launch, the Microsoft community is already playing around with the leaked build since earlier this week.

Determining the authenticity of this leak is hard, but we’ve seen a takedown request coming from Microsoft Japan asking to remove the ISO image links from Google, thus believing it to be true.

Yet, we’re waiting for the official unveiling of this so-called Windows 11. But even before that, a YouTuber called Ben Anonymous has shared a video running performance tests on a self-proclaimed official Windows 11 build.

Surprisingly, the tested version (touted as official) is carrying a build v21996.1 – the same as the leaked build but has few new features shown up by Ben. Hoping that’s actually an official version, Windows 11 is seen performing better than Windows 10 in several tests.

Ben ran tests on his Asus laptop, having hardware specifications of Intel Core i7-10875H and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super. With these, the first test he ran is about the bootup speed, which reduced to 13 seconds from 16 seconds in Windows 10.

Next up is the chip performances, where he ran Time Spy in 3DMark and found the CPU score increasing from 6,573 to 8,886, and GPU scores increasing from 6,927 to 7,426 points. The overall score is raised from 6,872 to 7,613 points.

GeekBench ratings regarding the single-core and multi-core tests stood at 1,138 (up from 1,251) and 6,284 (up from 7,444) respectively. All these performance improvements are recorded against Windows 10, which seemed significant.


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