Microsoft announced rolling out the new redesigned Media Player to all Beta users of Windows 11 today. This is surprising, as the company earlier said to bring this for all users in the public channel this month.

The new Media Player comes with a host of features to help you play music and videos in a refreshing way. From adding playlists to Picture-in-Picture mode, the new Media Player gets all the icons redone for matching with the design of Windows 11.

Windows 11 Media Player

For a long, Microsoft has made classic Media Player the only default option to media files. This has later been divided into two – Xbox Music and Xbox Video for playing and music and video files respectively. And that’s not all, this idea was soon scrapped to invent Groove Music and Movies and TV Player apps.

And now, this too is being dumped for a unified player – a redesigned Media Player. Microsoft understood that all its community wants is a simple player for everything, which has all the general media player’s features and supports a lot of file types. And that’s being heard, so a new Media Player.

Windows 11 Media Player
Windows 11 Media Player

Microsoft has rolled out this new Media Player for Windows 11 users in the Dev channel in November last year and announced this would be coming to all public users through the February 2022 update. But now, it suddenly announced rolling this to Windows 11 Beta users for testing again.

While we hope that it doesn’t need any more testing, it may soon come to all as promised. The redesigned Media Player will have all the native icons redone, and the ability to add playlists and Picture-in-Picture mode. This will let users play their desired music or video in a small moveable window while working on something else.


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