Microsoft has polished Windows 11 in many legacy sections, including the Start Menu, Taskbar, Action Center, and File Explorer.

But, many forgot to recognize the acts that Microsoft did to improve the gaming experience on Windows 11. The maker has brought in Auto HDR and Storage Speed support from its Xbox series. Here’s more about them;

New Gaming Features in Windows 11

If you’re an avid PC gamer and eligible for Windows 11 OS, be glad as Microsoft is bringing two new features from the Xbox console series to enrich your gaming experience.

The company has long been focusing on this section, as it widened the PC gaming collection through the Xbox app and offering support for many other elements. Now, two more interesting features are addedAuto HDR and Better Storage Speeds.

As the name defines it, Auto HDR is an automatic enhancement of the picture quality for supported content. Microsoft mentioned that games running on DirectX 11 and later would have Auto-HDR support to “render a much wider range of brightness values and colors.

Microsoft hopes this would “give an extra sense of richness and depth to the image.” It’s good for gamers, as they’re previously limited at SDR standard. But, they should have HDR-supported monitors to experience this.

Microsoft has this support already in Xbox Series X and S and is now sharing with Windows 11 PCs after receiving good feedback from the Xbox community.

The next one up is the betterment of Storage Speeds in SSDs of Windows 11 PCs. More and more people are using SSDs nowadays due to their faster performance, thus saving time. So now, Microsoft makes them faster for games in Windows 11.

Using the DirectStorage feature – a technology to help storage devices be faster in storing and sharing content – Microsoft wants to save and load a game faster, bypassing the load directly to GPUs than CPUs initially.

This system, along with the Auto HDR, should enhance the gaming experience of Windows 11 users.


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