In a new Windows 11 update, Microsoft has added a new process filtering feature to the Task Manager – that helps to find certain processes easily.

Users can search processes with relevant keywords like name, process ID, or the publisher name in a new search box at the top. Further, the Task Manager also added a new color theme and the ability to opt out of future confirmations when enabling the ‘Efficiency mode’ on a process.

New Windows 11 Task Manager

With every new Windows update, Microsoft adds a number of new processes to the system, which keeps running in the background for most of the time. While they seem essential, some can slow down your PC ultimately.

And that’s when people choose Task Manager to kill the unnecessary processes running in the background. Well, even with that, users often find it hard to kill certain processes since finding them is hard.

To the unknown, Task Manager in the latest Windows 11 runs over 130 processes simultaneously. And as Microsoft is increasing this list with every update, it’ll only become hard for users to find the desired process and kill it.

Thus, the company has added a search to the Task Manager – making it easier for users to search through and kill desired processes. As seen in the Windows 11 Insider build 22623.891, a new search box is added to the top of the Task Manager.

This would let users search a specific process by name, process ID, or publisher and sort them out. Noting this feature in the release notes, Microsoft said;

“The filter algorithm matches the context keyword with all possible matches and displays them on the current page. The filter is also applied as you switch between pages.”

Users can also try the keyboard shortcut ALT + F to open up the filter box and search through. Aside from this, the new Task Manager got a better color theme too, and the ability to opt out of future confirmations when enabling the ‘Efficiency mode’ on a process.


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