To align all the modern stars of Windows 11, Microsoft is planning to make the Windows Terminal a default command-line interface in Win11, starting 2022.

This change was revealed by the Windows Terminal program manager at Microsoft, who said they’d be starting with the Windows Insider program initially, and then move onto stable channels gradually. While general users may not find any big difference, developers can spot changes in their routine workday.

Window 11 Terminal

Command-line is an important interface for every power user. Though it’s text-based, interfaces like the old Command Prompt and modern PowerShell have always been a blessing for a developer in many ways. They can perform multiple functions through specific commands, and get them done more quickly than general means.

As Microsoft is putting a greater focus on these tools, the company announced a one-suite host for handling such command-line interfaces – as Windows Terminal. The initial announcement of Windows Terminal came as a surprise to many when Microsoft revealed it at 2019’s annual Build developers conference.

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The Windows Terminal is said to support multiple tabs, themes, customization in terms of colors and sizes, renaming and duplication of tabs, etc. Also, there’s the support for full GPU-based text rendering and emoji too. As it’s being more helpful, Microsoft is prioritizing the Windows Terminal in its latest OS.

While it already gave the users to set Windows Terminal as a default command-line interface, it’s moving a step forward by setting it as default in Windows 11, starting 2022. This was revealed by Kayla Cinnamon, the program manager of Windows Terminal at Microsoft, who said, ”

“Over the course of 2022, we are planning to make Windows Terminal the default experience on Windows 11 devices. We will start with the Windows Insider Program and start moving through rings until we reach everyone on Windows 11.”

This action from Microsoft may not affect the regular users, but dedicated developers who rely on tools like PowerShell or Command Prompt will see the difference. This is made to set make Windows 11’s modern experience better in all terms.


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