While Microsoft is busy developing the next version of Windows OS, a reliable leaker has shared the possible hardware system requirements for the upcoming Windows 12.

Calling Windows 12 as Next Valley internally, Microsoft may ask interested users to sport at least 8GB RAM, and must SSD storage, TPM 2.0, and the latest processors of Intel and AMD. It’s touted to support Intel’s 14th Gen processors out-of-the-box.

Windows 12 Hardware Requirements

Back then when everyone was excited about the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft dropped a blockade bomb through hardware system requirements. The company noted having a TPM chip and Secure Boot Load as necessary, aside from the regular features.

Though there were workarounds to bypass these, having the asked hardware is already good. This boils down to the question of whether Microsoft follows the same suite for Windows 12 too, and it’s now partially confirmed. According to leaker Deskmodder, here are the hardware system requirements for Windows 12.

Referring to internally as the Next Valley, Win12 needs 8GB of RAM (double that of Windows 11’s 4GB) and possibly an SSD for internal storage. Microsoft was long rumored to ditch HDD for its Windows 11, but that didn’t happen. We may finally see this being enforced for the new OS.

Regarding the processors, Windows is said to come out-of-the-box with Intel’s 14th Gen Meteor Lake-S desktop processors, while it’s also touted to support any chip that has the Pluton coprocessor, Microsoft’s security solution. This was first introduced on the Ryzen 6000 mobile CPUs last year.

More hardware details for this new OS are yet to be known, while you can expect any new features currently rolling out to Windows 11 would also be available in Windows 12. And legacy features like MSDT and VBScript be removed – since they’re highly prone to exploitation.

Wishes 12 is slated to come in the second half of 2024, considering its steady development by Microsoft.


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